COVID-19 Safety Policies & Procedures


2020 Step by Step Safety Policies and Guidelines

1. Registration must be performed in advance online

a. Athlete Registration in advance.
b. Closing registration for all events on Dec 1, no onsite registration.

2. Text Notification with link

a. Everyone will receive a text notification about 24 hours before registration opens.
b. Fill out health questionnaire & receive QR code (like boarding a plane).

3. Facility Check in at Gate 40 (Staff and Pro’s) or Gate 33A (age group athletes and spectators)

a. Must wear masks at facility medical clearing.
b. Show QR code at gate
c. Volunteer will take and record temperature

  • Under 100.4 – Cleared to enter Daytona International Speedway
  • Over 100.4 – Secondary screening at medical tent. Have a second check in healthcare tent.
    *if you are in a car with multiple people then EVERYONE in car will have to report to tent as well.

d. All cleared athletes and spectators will receive wrist band for day stating that they have been cleared. Different colors for each day. Everyone must check in each morning.
e. RV campers must have daily medical screening.
f. Allowed to pass through turn 1 tunnel after clearing medical screening.

4. Registration

a. Larger registration area.
b. Decreased touch points, staff wearing masking & gloves.
c. Briefings will be available online and through very large tv’s in fan zone.

5. Expo

a. Spaced out expo vendors.
b. Vendors required to wear masks and gloves.
c. Bistro will be open but boxed food only will be available.

6. Swim

a. Disposable masks will be supplied for each athlete before race to be worn in transition and swim start areas.
b. Masks to be worn while at swim start. All athletes will be socially distanced in corrals along the water’s edge
c. Trash cans for mask disposal just before swim entry.
d. Single file swim entry.
e. No wetsuit strippers will be provided.

7. Aid Stations

a. Volunteers in masks and gloves.
b. Plastic shield in between volunteers and athletes.
c. Limited supplies

  • Water Bottles with lids on
  • Mini Coke Bottles, not carbonated
  • Base Electrolytes
  • Pre-packaged/whole food only, nothing cut up

d. Base Performance as a sponsor, will give energy bar and gels at registration for athletes to carry with them during the race. Race belt recommended.
e. Recommend athletes carrying their own supplies when possible.

8. Transition & Facility Changes

a. Spaced out transition, 10 athletes per 30 feet of rack (5 on each side, 6 feet apart).
b. Increased facility and rest room cleaning.
c. Ground markers remind people 6-foot distance.
d. Masks required while on property.
e. Hand Sanitizer stations throughout property.