CHALLENGEDAYTONA introduces its ambassador team

CHALLENGEDAYTONA, the inaugural CHALLENGEFAMILY triathlon festival of events set to take place at Daytona International Speedway December 7-9, proudly announces a roster of talented ambassador athletes. These nine age-group competitors are fiercely dedicated to driving triathlon participation in their local communities, while also pursuing their personal passions for endurance sport.

The CHALLENGEDAYTONA Ambassador Athlete Team includes:

– Ryan Hamm—Active duty U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Military Endurance Sports team member, and podium regular
–    Kelly Cory—ACTri Club member, multiple middle and full distance triathlon finishes, Boston Marathon finisher, and podium regular
–    Angie Flynn—Passionate proponent of healthy living, ACTri Club member, and accomplished triathlete
–    Eric Lashway—Stellar Endurance Club and Racing Team member and multi-time world championship qualifier
–    Skye Johnson—Head Coach and co-owner of Stellar Endurance Club, seven-time Boston Marathon qualifier and accomplished long-course triathlete
–    Hugh Driscoll—Ormond Tri Club member and avid competitor
–    Naomi Ventura—Ormond Tri Club member and podium regular
–    Michelle Boyer—Fort Lauderdale Tri Club member and avid competitor
–    Catherine Shapiro—Fort Lauderdale Tri Club member and podium regular

The team members are charged with serving as dynamic community ambassadors for CHALLENGEDAYTONA and mentors to area athletes. They are jointly managed by Juan and Katrina Guevara of The Running Elements, the Official Retail Running Store of CHALLENGEDAYTONA, and Lou Cantin, CHALLENGEDAYTONA’s partner liaison. Vibrant custom-designed team kits for CHALLENGEDAYTONA ambassador athletes are generously provided by Veneto Sportswear.

“You couldn’t ask for a more committed group of athletes,” says Katrina Guevara. “Our team members are passionate about promoting endurance sports and in particular the inaugural CHALLENGEDAYTONA event, whether on social media, in one-on-one interactions, or in group training sessions. Not only do they train and race to achieve their own goals, they eagerly encourage others to participate, helping in every way possible.”

The passion of these athletes is perfectly aligned with the experience that CHALLENGEDAYTONA seeks to provide. “CHALLENGEFAMILY is all about community and inclusivity,” says Cantin. “That’s why the ambassador team is an important initiative for CHALLENGEDAYTONA. We’re committed to both amateur athletes as well as professionals. We want everyone to feel welcome and equally celebrated at our race, and our ambassadors are a big part of getting that word out into the community and serving as mentors for any athletes needing advice or encouragement to join the fun.”

Watch for detailed profiles of each ambassador athlete on CHALLENGEDAYTONA’s social media channels in the coming weeks. Follow CHALLENGEDAYTONA on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to keep up with the ambassador team and all CHALLENGEDAYTONA news.

Are you ready to swim, bike, and run at the “World Center of Racing”? From December 7th-9th, 2018, Daytona International Speedway will welcome triathletes and triathlon fans from around the world to CHALLENGEDAYTONA. The entire festival of events will take place at the approximately 500-acre motorsports complex, home of “The Great American Race”—the DAYTONA 500.

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